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 the philosophy of atheism

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PostSubject: the philosophy of atheism   Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:18 am

Atheists tend to suffer from a rare, more aggressive form of unwarranted self-importance. Atheists typically think they are smarter than you no matter what. Just try to correct them on something and prepare to be blasted away with some "SERIOUS FUCKING LOGIC". Like furries, many exhibit very serious cases of a persecution complex, believing that Secret Christian Anonymous Terrorists (SCAT) are trying to eradicate them by putting the word "God" in things. A high priest of Atheism discovered last Thursday that should a fellow Atheist hear the "Under God" portion of the Pledge of Allegiance three times within an hour, they will instantly convert to Christianity and then die. Ultimately, they will all just end up burning in Hell.

Many atheists generally suffer under the delusion that religion somehow is the cause of all conflict and that it is directly responsible for every war and murder that has ever occurred in history, when in reality it is just a source of major lulz for their more temperate kin. Of course, most atheists fail to realize that, with or without religion, there will always be stupid people in the world who will fervently believe anything they read.
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Tyrong Kojy
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PostSubject: Re: the philosophy of atheism   Mon Jan 19, 2009 3:06 am

Well its' true. I DO think I'm generally smarter than most theists. But there's a reason for that. I'm usually right.

Did you say a high prioest of atheism? Are you even trying? I mean, I'm sure you're trying to be funny, but that was lame.

Your last sentence is ABSOLUTELY true. And you're living proof. He, he, he.

"Jenaveve took everything from me.
My friends,
My family,
Her ambitions to dominate the universe are terrifying,
Evil beyond imagining.
Tyrong Kojy,
The one whose power even the creator fears,
Will stop her.
Even if I have to destroy the universe to do it!"
Tyrong Kojy/Jenaveve by Nicholas Rivest
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the philosophy of atheism
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