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PostSubject: agnostics   Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:27 am

Cowards too scared to believe in something. The term agnostic was created by Mark Twain cause he was getting butthurt from being called an atheist so he invented a word that he wouldn't mind being called. Agnostics tend to react to any statement, whatsoever, on religious questions with epic butthurt, and have no sense of humor. Agnostics are more arrogant than atheists and Christians combined because they believe their religion is open-minded to the possibilities of god's existence or non-existence and other religions aren't. They also believe that they are the only people who are truly non-religious. Therefore, they are to nonreligious people as chosen people and Arabs are to religious ones. They are known for their inability to make a decision on anything. They will occasionally pipe up during an OL discussion of theology to point out waffling is the best option. Their posts are always TL;DR.
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Tyrong Kojy
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PostSubject: Re: agnostics   Mon Jan 19, 2009 3:12 am

So dissapointed.

"Jenaveve took everything from me.
My friends,
My family,
Her ambitions to dominate the universe are terrifying,
Evil beyond imagining.
Tyrong Kojy,
The one whose power even the creator fears,
Will stop her.
Even if I have to destroy the universe to do it!"
Tyrong Kojy/Jenaveve by Nicholas Rivest
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