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 Continuation of arguement with kismet

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PostSubject: Continuation of arguement with kismet   Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:52 pm

kismet wrote:
Zealot: This is doing nothing but messing up/cluttering the forums. One thing though. I apologized the first time in that post and you said:
Quote :
The relevance of that accusation trascends the accusation itself.

The 2nd time I apologized... same wording as well.... you accepted. What gives?

Pointing out that said accusation's relevance trascends the accusation itself doesn't mean I don't accept your apology. It's important because it's one of several things that demonstrate your eagerness to make defamatory accusations without evidence.

kismet wrote:

A number of people are AFRAID of you. I'm not posting my personal messages here or what people have messaged me... in fact, I've deleted them because on some forums, admins CAN read them and I'm not familiar with this type of forum. Those that have my msn (quite a few) have also msg'd me about you.

Said fear is inmensely unjustified and it can only be product of sheer lack of information and misunderstandings.

kismet wrote:

The person in question regarding you being nice outside here and being a jerk here isn't who you think apparently. If you're saying they misconstrued you being nice, possibly, but so far, they pretty much feel you've been a jerk on here.

I only interact with 3 people here and outside that could have said so. From those three only 2 seem likely options and only one mentions it every now and then. So I'm almost sure who you're talking about, and I won't be the only one to notice it. If not, there's just another option.

kismet wrote:

Combining the posts together in and of itself can and does change the entire meaning of the post. Please, if you're going to do that, at least use lines such as ________ or something else to delineate the different posts that were combined so as to not have confusion or misinterpretation.

It doesn't change the meaning at all. A post can cover several different points and express different messages. By merging different posts so long as you keep them in order, you're not altering the author's messages you're merely broadening the array of points within a single post.

As for spaces, it's merely a matter of style, if you want of organization. That's something you can do yourself but if you want me to do it for you I will. After all none of us warned you about multiple posting not being allowed and I took action without warning you.

kismet wrote:

The person I was asking about:
Zealot_Kommunizma wrote:
Pathetic patronization reminiscent of calinis.

calinis? I googled.. found a lot of "rest homes" --- hopefully you're not saying I'm old What a Face So the best I could come up with that it was a person on here, so I was asking about that person. Now I don't care.

Ah, ok, I lost track of that reference.

No, I'm not saying you're old (and objectively you'd qualify as being pretty young still).

Just to clarify: Calinis was a troll here, he claimed to be 13 years old. I often called him "kid" or "child" and he replied back by calling me the same way. That's why I say when you patronize me you're reminiscent of calinis.

kismet wrote:

Just so you don't forget though:
Zealot_Kommunizma wrote:
kismet wrote:
The only thing I will apologize for is accusing you of moving that one post.

The relevance of that accusation trascends the accusation itself.

kismet wrote:

You say I dodge and libel, did you just learn that word? Cute.

Another ridiculous attempt at patronizing, how childish.

kismet wrote:

I have not dodged anything, I have responded to each accusation and responded in kind.

False as demonstrated in earlier posts.

kismet wrote:

And I most CERTAINLY have not lied. You don't know me, you have no idea what you just did by calling me a liar. THAT is libelous. I posted proof of how I came to my own conclusions and opinions, even though I should not have to explain my opinions, certainly not to you.

When you say that I edited your posts to reflect a different view from yours, knowing perfectly that it wasn't so, you lied.

kismet wrote:

What you don't seem to understand is.... if you did decide to misuse your "power" you would be removed. Happens on a lot of forums when admins decide to abuse.

No shit. Really? If you had researched a little bit on this forum you'd know that I've even offered to resign if so people require it. For your information I received 100% support to stay.

kismet wrote:

Everything I'd said in my previous post was dodged by you except the accusation.

I had already adressed those points, you simply repeated after dodging mine.

kismet wrote:

You cannot veto his election - it's an election from the people. Whether or not he becomes a forum admin, sure, but not as a moderator. That was also in the rules.

I was merely adressing the admin issue which is of highest priority.

kismet wrote:

You want to share more? I've been told that you're fairly nice to talk to elsewhere even though you can be a jerk here (I refuse to post who said that and the conversation - I will not have someone harassed then for saying it - if Kenzu wants to see it, I will post it to him in MSN, but I won't give you the chance to retaliate though it would definitely make you think twice). - I remember seeing the post about the 2 current admins deciding on making the newest mod (from this election) an admin on the site. I am tired as it's 2am here and do not feel like looking through the entire forum.

I know perfectly who said that, and it's merely a wrong impression from that person given the difference of contexts in which the conversations develop.

kismet wrote:

Yes, I called you a child. For the way you have repeatedly gone after me and the way you've done so. Either lovesick or you are behaving like a child. Take your pick.

That's how you call people that confronts you with arguments and evidence? Interesting.

It's evident who's acting in a childish way, though.

kismet wrote:

I do not understand your reference to someone else, so please, provide quotes from this other person so I may see for myself how it is I'm so clearly aligned with this other person. Would you have preferred me call you a dog (as in a dog with a bone)?

What reference to someone else?

kismet wrote:

As I said, I will give you the one apology. I will do it loud and proud as I do accept and take responsibility for my mistakes. The LEAST you could have done is place some sort of spacer in the posts you decided to "merge" so people wouldn't be confused. I still say the posts should show who edited it and when.

One thing is to ask for spacers or to keep a certain style within the post (something you an do yourself though) and other to outright accuse someone of modifying the content of the message as to make it say soemthing different from what the author intended to, specially when you perfectly know that isn't true.

kismet wrote:

The only thing I will apologize for is accusing you of moving that one post.

Finally, a little bit of reasonability. Apology accepted.

I'd say you already replied to that quoted post but since you said "Just so you don't forget though" while quoting it I thought it'd be worth bringing it.

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Continuation of arguement with kismet
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