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PostSubject: Re: READ BEFORE POSTING!   Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:26 am

This topic is to address the many common and reoccurring questions and theories about the Final Fantasy VII Tech Demo and a hypothetical remake. First and fore most I feel the need to say thisÖ There is no remake planned for by SE at this time. I will get into MUCH more detail, but that will do as an initial warning (and to help people who donít wish to read the entire topic). Now, to start on the points

Ctrl+F the following headings to jump to a section:
1) Technological Demonstrations
2)Has SE ever made tech demos in the past?
3) What is the Tech Demo showing?
4)Why is this board here?
5) Is FFVII being remade
6)How do you know we can trust them? Other companies have lied before!
7)SE has lied before, they claimed they would never make a sequel but then X-2 was created.
Why did they choose FFVII for the tech demo if they arenít planning on remaking it?
9)Well why would they make a compilation of FFVII if they donít plan on remaking it?
10) How long can a remake take? Canít they just upgrade the graphics and be done with it?
11)SE should remake it. A remake would sell millions of copies and make them tons of money
12)A remake would sell much more than a new game
13) Square-Enix has already remade Final Fantasyís 1-6, so FFVII will naturally be their next choice
14)Maybe SE doesnít realize how popular FFVII is, wonít e-mails or petitions help?
15)I read in a magazine that SE is actually remaking FFVII!
16) I was just at a game store today and they let me pre-order an FFVII remake!
17) Remake Summary


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