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 Are Republicans ... smart only the other way around?

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Cyprian Uljanow
World Republic Party Member

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PostSubject: Are Republicans ... smart only the other way around?   Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:33 pm

I saw a thread on the US WOW Forums where the news of the Gov going to be Monitoring the WoW Servers for TERRORISTS, made me convinced that there isn't any slim chance of logic and sanity to be present atm in the White House. And Also when i saw comments of the Republican people there made my brain cry in pain...example on how I remembered one trade of posts between a Gnome and Draenei:

Gnome: What the Hell I don't want to get my privacy invaded...
Spacegoat: I don't mind if the Gov spies on my Chats with a Hot Girl, If you don't want your privacy invaded, You have Something to hide? ARE YOU A TERRORIST?

*some posts later pretty much flame from all the other " great defenders of justice" *
Spacegoat: You do not understand on what our fathers build this country
Gnome: " Those who are willing to give up there freedom for some security, deserver neither." Benjamin Franklin.
Spacegoat: You can quote that how much you want, I don't care. the World is Different now."

* whow way to go mr. Hypocrite, so you chose to respect only those things your Fathers established that suit your Fash mind? gz, want a cookie?... moving on"

Spacegoat: Thats lies - people that atend Anti-war Ralleys arn't in any suspicions list of Terrorist, Links or It didn't happen.
Gnome: * about a dozen links to many cases proven that people attending those marches wore in such lists.*
Spacegoat: being a LEFT WINGED EXTREMIST, its expected that you would show those cases that would be support your false info.

* and last for the best*
Gnome: the talk is a bit pointless, you hot-pick mud you can throw at me and when it backfires you accuse me of being aggressive...
Spacegoat: Are you Jewish?

*... 9mm Aspirin anyone?*

So What Can I say? - Vote "GTFO" on Republicans this Election I guess... I know I probably would Smile, I may be wrong and this is just another Brown Shirt Righty. Opinions?
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Worker of the World Republic

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PostSubject: Re: Are Republicans ... smart only the other way around?   Thu Mar 27, 2008 12:08 am

Yah, the Neo-Cons are f***ing nuts. At this point, I'd hope that most of the American people can see that they're a joke.
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Jeiro Sijakeuigwan
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PostSubject: Re: Are Republicans ... smart only the other way around?   Thu Mar 27, 2008 12:55 am

Neo-Cons. Mhhmm. I've personally had extremely bad relations with those guys. Yeah, they really are nuts. Not to mention one of the MOST hypocritical bastards around. For example...

Me: "So what if I'm communist? I believe in welfare and wellbeing of everybody. Every people should at least have free shelter, free food, and decent healthcare."

Neo-Con: "No U commie! You're so close to socialism that you're one step away from straving millions of people. Pinko SOB!"

Me: ", those were state capitalist. True communism has never been achevied. For reals."

Neo-Con: *insert tons of the most hurtful insults here*

Me: Sad

Long story short, this "neo-con" was an anarchist (like Liche). Only strange thing was...he was, as he claimed, a "free market capitalist", and even worse...

a Mormon of the LDS. D:

"I'll live the hearts of the people I know... It's my own choice now."
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PostSubject: Re: Are Republicans ... smart only the other way around?   

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Are Republicans ... smart only the other way around?
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