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PostSubject: EPIC BATTLE, TYRLOP VS JEW   Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:55 pm

(17:18:47) watermelon: tyrlop
(17:18:52) Tyrlop: WHA
(17:19:03) watermelon: hi
(17:19:06) Tyrlop: oh shit
(17:19:07) Tyrlop: its you
(17:19:13) watermelon: no its not
(17:19:19) watermelon: this is not me
(17:19:23) watermelon: this is my kitty
(17:19:31) Tyrlop: OMFG OMFG OMG
(17:19:49) watermelon: wat
(17:37:07) watermelon: liche told me hes gonnna ban you
(17:37:15) Tyrlop: NO
(17:37:20) watermelon: yeah
(17:37:22) watermelon: yes
(17:37:34) Tyrlop: NO LIAR
(17:37:37) Tyrlop: go away!!!!!!!!!!!
(17:37:40) Tyrlop: YO AR EVIL
(17:37:50) watermelon: no u
(17:38:00) Tyrlop: AWAY
(17:38:03) watermelon: YES
(17:38:05) watermelon: I STAY
(17:38:08) watermelon: I DONT GO AWAY
(17:38:18) watermelon: I AM CONNUMIST BOLSHEWIK
(17:38:23) Tyrlop: NO
(17:38:27) Tyrlop: prove it
(17:38:32) watermelon: I AM M MEXICAN
(17:38:34) Tyrlop: you are a parasite
(17:38:37) watermelon: NO U
(17:38:41) Tyrlop: yes you are
(17:38:44) watermelon: I AM FACTORY PROLETARIANT
(17:38:47) Tyrlop: NO
(17:38:54) watermelon: YOU ARE BUGUARSIES
(17:38:57) Tyrlop: NO
(17:39:02) Tyrlop: I DONT WANT TO TLAK TO YOU MORE
(17:39:02) watermelon: I AM NO TRISKIEST NIGA
(17:39:12) watermelon: I AM HITLER THE SOCIALIST
(17:39:55) Tyrlop: LIAR hitler was not jewish like you
(17:40:01) Tyrlop: he was proud german socialist!
(17:40:03) watermelon: im no a jewish
(17:40:07) Tyrlop: YES TOY UA
(17:40:10) watermelon: hitler was ein peenis
(17:40:12) Tyrlop: STOP TALKIN
(17:40:16) Tyrlop: SEE YOU ARE JEWISH
(17:40:23) Tyrlop: I CANT TKAE YOU SERIUS
(17:40:25) watermelon: no im malaysian
(17:40:28) Tyrlop: NO
(17:40:32) watermelon: yes i am
(17:40:32) Tyrlop: I WANT NO GO AWAY
(17:40:47) watermelon: i a m a demon antichrist
(17:41:05) watermelon: do it please
(17:41:23) ***Tyrlop sends rocket kathusha to attack watermelon.
(17:41:30) watermelon: do you want some aids
(17:41:33) watermelon: i have some aids
(17:41:38) watermelon: i can send you through mail
(17:41:55) ***Tyrlop sends 2 soldiers of the red russian army of proud proleterian soldiers
(17:42:19) ***Tyrlop attacks watermelon headquarter deals 50 damage
(17:42:22) ***watermelon sends amerikka soliders nucular war dropping on hiroshima
(17:42:48) ***Tyrlop buys chines lock-shield, is now invulneralbe for 45 turns
(17:43:14) ***Tyrlop activates super stalin tank, with anti-fascists cannon.
(17:43:28) ***watermelon uses bite: critical hit!
(17:43:34) watermelon: me growls at you
(17:43:36) watermelon: kitty
(17:43:39) watermelon: i am a kitty
(17:43:55) ***Tyrlop fires kathusha rockets at watermelon, deals 250 damage.
(17:44:09) ***watermelon poop on you and cover with sand
(17:44:43) watermelon: its super effetive!
(17:44:48) ***Tyrlop spawns sword of light-power saber of thunder goodness.
(17:45:34) ***watermelon unleashes new battle pokemans lightning attack rain form the sky with 5 turbo hits
(17:45:54) ***Tyrlop takes spend his turn on extra mining skills, Tyrlop is now level 21 in Mining, congratulations you just gained 500 tons Red Soviet metal ore
(17:46:40) ***watermelon uses green and red mushrooms. watermelon grows 5 size and turns flashing colors red yellow green etc.
(17:46:42) ***Tyrlop recieves Hero of soviet union medal from the glorious leader of the soviet union Stalin himself!
(17:47:01) ***Tyrlop Medal takes effect in 3 turns.
(17:47:14) ***watermelon do sneak attack and kill stalin, rendering all medals received from stalin useless
(17:47:43) ***Tyrlop heal comrade soldiers at the front. Red army unit is has now gained 4 HP
(17:48:25) watermelon: me uses brick defense and increase defense by 3 higher and enemy defense is lowered
(17:49:28) watermelon: me uses hypnosis and puts tyrlop army to sleep
(17:49:45) ***Tyrlop use his sword of light-power saber of thunder goodness to resurect stalin. Stalin has now turned into Reincarnated Stalin with +15000 HP and 300 regenerating HP per second
(17:50:20) watermelon: me uses stem cell techonology to make stalin clones and force them to work for me
(17:50:45) ***Tyrlop launches rocket kathusha and deals 250 (+ 50) damage on watermelon, watermelon ow got 1500 hp left.
(17:51:11) ***watermelon put fat people in front of army, making next three attacks by tyrlop bounce off fat people and hit tyrlops army
(17:51:25) Tyrlop: /god
(17:51:33) watermelon: /satan
(17:51:47) ***Tyrlop tyrlop is now invulneralbe.
(17:51:52) Tyrlop: /noclip
(17:52:00) watermelon: /tyrlop is now dead and watermelon wins
(17:52:03) ***Tyrlop now can fly and go through walls
(17:52:13) Tyrlop: /give all
(17:52:22) ***watermelon can now cone my self into infoinity people
(17:52:41) ***Tyrlop uses nuclear poison attack on watermelon and deals over 9000 damage, watermelon was defeated
(17:53:09) ***Tyrlop Wins the match.
(17:53:13) ***Tyrlop has left the game.
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Chairman of the Supreme Council

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PostSubject: Re: EPIC BATTLE, TYRLOP VS JEW   Fri Jun 12, 2009 7:06 pm

Its like Tyrlop is talking to himself!
Except that's stalin lololol.

TYRLOP, is it now on like how you say.. DONKEY KONG?

"Fuck gotta invade Ukraine" -- Vladimir Putin
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Young Pioneer

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PostSubject: Re: EPIC BATTLE, TYRLOP VS JEW   Fri Jun 12, 2009 7:08 pm

damn you cheater
Like a Star @ heaven
i know you were getting help from stalin
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