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PostSubject: ---   Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:33 am


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Tyrong Kojy
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PostSubject: Re: ---   Tue Dec 01, 2009 8:14 am


"Jenaveve took everything from me.
My friends,
My family,
Her ambitions to dominate the universe are terrifying,
Evil beyond imagining.
Tyrong Kojy,
The one whose power even the creator fears,
Will stop her.
Even if I have to destroy the universe to do it!"
Tyrong Kojy/Jenaveve by Nicholas Rivest
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PostSubject: Re: ---   Tue Dec 01, 2009 10:18 pm

can you tell shortly what it is about? is it something about the russian civil war with makhno?
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PostSubject: Re: ---   Wed Dec 02, 2009 4:32 am

Tyrlop wrote:
can you tell shortly what it is about? is it something about the russian civil war with makhno?
yea, but read it Tyrlop.

I thought it was very nice and very informative.
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PostSubject: Re: ---   Thu Dec 03, 2009 11:45 pm

Very nice work Wei. Definitely a valuable asessment of the split between revolutionary factions within Russia and a useful insight of the ideological conflicts that persist until today within the revolutionary movement and that, as analysed there, definitely have quite negative implications to all parties involved and the whole revolutionary movement.

Another work evidencing the implications of lack of unity between revolutionaires and the inherent flaws and contradictions within movements that attempting to establish socialism through a state-based mechanism, authoritarianism and force fail to even actually attempt to establish socialism, establishing instead brutal states that de facto betray not only the principles in the name of which they claim to be acting, but also their comrades in arms, their ideological brothers whom they eventually even destroy by force merely due to differences in revolutionary methodology (in regards to Blanquism and Leninism mainly, as I'd exclude Trotskiyism and Stalinism from being ultimately ideologically compatible with Anarchism, and overall, socialism even from an ideological point of view).

I must say, however, that in no way would I have supported the Anarchists siding with the white army (as far as I'm concerned this happened in Kronstadt in the later stages of the rebellion) for, regardless of the de facto anti-revolutionary and anti-socialist system established by the Bolsheviks, they were still ideologically far closer to and more compatible with them.

Also, this work makes a valuable reference to the fact that most, if not all, genuinely socialistic prominent movements have been crushed by force, either excerted by the reactionary forces trying to preserve the status quo, by treacherous self-proclaimed comrades or both (being the last case most noticeable within the Spanish Civil war).

I also liked you mentioning the bitter irony of the Bolsheviks celebrating the anniversary of the Paris Commune just after they did in Kronstadt what the enemies of the commune did.

As for style, and writting I noticed what I believe is most likely an unintentional typographic mistake when writting the word "Petropavlovsk". In one sentence you wrote it as "Petrapavlovsk". Well, in Russian the word is actually written "Petropavlovsk" but pronounced "Petrapavlovsk". As the accent goes in the second "o", the first "o" is pronounced like "a" (In Russian "o" sounds like "a" unless it is accentuated in which case sounds like "o"). I found it a pleasant coincidence.

I also noticed some other typographic mistakes. In one sentence, I don't recall which, you wrote "in Russian" where you should have written "In Russia" and in other, again I don't recall where, you wrote "there" instead of "their". Maybe you'd like to check and correct these issues before formally presenting your work. (Also you've got much better redactive skills, vocabulary and style than me. I just noticed these little mishaps =))

Overall, and as usual, an amazing writting by you. Keep it that way! =) I hope you come up with such writtings more often, it's always a pleasure to read them.

Tyrlop wrote:
can you tell shortly what it is about? is it something about the russian civil war with makhno?

It's analysed halfway there, but it contains more than that. It's definitely worth reading.

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