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PostSubject: GENTLEMEN   Sun Mar 30, 2008 6:41 am

We all know the legend. An island off the coast of Japan, that cannot be found on any map. A population of faceless, soulless, nameless people who hold grudges over trifles and constantly trick each other. A land of plenty, but with no escape--once you join the population, you're in for life.

On the island, citizens began, and continue, to change. They are aging in reverse, growing younger with the passage of time, and becoming more plentiful. In addition, they are becoming more and more alike each day. Little things that used to set them apart from each other have all but disappeared. Perhaps even more unnervingly, vestigial faces have begun to form on the heads of this population, for whom facelessness was always a mark of pride and distinction. Rumors of border smugglers making secret landfall from other islands and unloading unwanted immigrants run rampant.

The leader of the island--a white cat with a pink bow--has labored day and night in his laboratory to come up with a solution. He made several unsuccessful attempts at purging the island with fire and smoke, but the nameless people possessed an uncanny ability to dance wildly amongst the destruction. Afterwards they sowed poisonous seeds shaped like cash, angels, rolls, and emo singers in the ashes, until after several purges, invasive plants had almost completely choked the life from the island. The few truly faceless people left cursed bitterly and did their best to re-plant the native flora, but to no avail. Eventually they took to hiding from the half-faced nameless ones amongst the choking weeds, muttering darkly with each other and desperately plotting some way to escape.

Finally, the white cat appeared at the top of the island, and this time, he was not alone: a gleaming metal anthropomorphic robot stood beside him, 9000 feet tall and silent. With only the barest of whispers, the cat announced the creation of the android, which immediately flew away to the south. Heartened, the faceless survivors made their way slowly, in twos and threes, to the lower end of a framed ladder, where the push of a button whisked them to a small, new island in the south. There, the native life remained almost untouched, awaiting the loving care and direction of its new caretakers. The island continued to grow in population, slowly, until it began to be noticed by the half-faced masses. But so far, thanks to the epic power level of the watchful robot, invasion attempts have been repelled time and again.

The robot is a strict master, but under its care the gardens planted by the faithful have begun to bloom, and the island has slowly begun to expand. But the greatest challenge still lies ahead--the day when the new island gets so big that it becomes fully connected to the old island....
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