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 fuck you

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PostSubject: fuck you   Tue Jun 01, 2010 7:07 am

fuck you, ive raped people for far less than this. you think you can
fucking come on OT and just act like a fucking hardass and order people
around? Bad news for you, fuckface, but tonights the night your luck
runs out. You fucking tell ANYBODY on these forums what to do again, and
you're going to find out the hard way what a fucking baseball bat to
the side of the skull feels like. Think I'm fucking kidding? I have your
IP, I know who you are, and Im more than willing to settle this
argument face to fucking face. You call yourself "Hooligan"? We'll see
who's the hooligan when one of us is lying face down in a pile of their
own blood, shit, and piss. Try and order someone else on here around,
and see what fucking happens to you. I'm normally a calm guy but when I
need to, I'm willing to break some fucking face to get my point across,
just fucking test me you worthless sack of excrement.
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fuck you
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