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 Historical Materialism Expressed in Terms of the Corrected T

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PostSubject: Historical Materialism Expressed in Terms of the Corrected T   Wed Apr 30, 2008 12:24 am

Historical Materialism Expressed in Terms of the Corrected Theory of Classes
Karl Marx first came up with the theory of historical materialism. He stated that all societies were made up of an oppressor class and an oppressed class, with the oppressed class always inevitably revolting to overthrow its oppressors and establishing itself as the ruling class. This process repeats until communism, the classless society. Letís take a look at this in terms of my new theory of class.
1. The economic class: this is the class based on relationship to the means of production.
2. The ideological class: this class is based on the economic class, because my theory of classes is not idealist. When there is an economic oppressed class, there always emerges an ideological oppressed class.
3. The political class: this class is based on the second one. When there is an ideological oppressed class, the political oppressed class always emerges. It expresses itself by overthrowing its oppressors.
So you see, this theory of classes reinforces the truth of historical materialism, and historical materialism reinforces the truth of it. Both theories say that an oppressed class will always overthrow its oppressors, so they can be seen as being the same as each other, just expressed differently. Letís now see what implications this theory has for socialism and communism, the next two stages.
First of all, there must be a vanguard party in capitalism, which gives the proletariat their true ideology. There will be many proletarians who do not want to participate in the revolution. This is why they must be led by the vanguard. The revolution will be carried out by the dedicated revolutionaries willing to fight for socialism.
Second of all, when socialism is established, it must eliminate classes completely and make everyone a worker. The workers must as a whole own the means of production. The means of production will not be owned by the state. The workers as a whole will do the planning of the economy.
Another thing that must happen is that the ideological proletariat from capitalism must still do their job in socialism. They must reeducate the backward masses and give them a new consciousness. The job of educating the masses will be done by the people who have achieved class consciousness. They will control it democratically. These people will make laws and taxes and things, like the state in capitalism. Only it is not a political state, but it can be said to be an ideological state.
The final thing that must happen in socialism is that the state must suppress any attempts of counterrevolution. The state will be made up of the dedicated revolutionaries; it will be born from the vanguard that carried out the revolution. The state does not own the means of production; this is owned by all of the workers. The state is basically just policemen repressing the political bourgeoisie. The state can not be controlled democratically by all the workers, since the workers do not yet have class consciousness. It will just be made of people willing to fight to suppress the political bourgeoisie, and they will control themselves democratically.
When the workers have all achieved class consciousness (ideological classlessness) and there is no threat of counterrevolution (political classlessness), socialism will transform into communism.
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Historical Materialism Expressed in Terms of the Corrected T
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