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 The US - target of the revolution?

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PostSubject: Re: The US - target of the revolution?   Sun May 25, 2008 8:47 pm

WeiWuWei wrote:
I think the likelihood of a Socialist state rising in the U.S. is more likely than in areas such as Africa or the Middle East. However, it will be a difficult thing to bring about. And it won't be through force of arms, or even in any sort of uprising; it will happen when people realize that Capitalism is failing us, is squandering our resources to the rich, and is the reason that so many of us are starting to tread nearer and nearer towards the poverty line, due to free market economics. Once people recognize these faults, they will have no choice other than to alter our government.

There appears to be this great taboo in this country on anything that even resembles Socialism or, to a less extreme step, Welfarism. I just finished a book from Barry Goldwater called "The Conscience of a Conservative" (It was disgusting and full of rhetoric.) that re-affirms this sentiment. Moreover, it made me realize that people are genuinely afraid of such a state coming about, but it seems to me that they're not entirely sure why. It has simply been indoctrinated into them to avoid leftist politics, due in large part, I feel, to our involvement in the Cold War and our opposition to the U.S.S.R., and it will continue to be if such rhetoric similar to Goldwater's book continues to come about. Which it will.

But I have faith in mankind's consistent ability to progress, so I think the Socialist state has a chance of coming about.

A Communist state would be kind of pushing it, though. Baby steps.
What makes you think that the politicians who are but mere bourgeoisie puppets will just hand over the state to socialist? Thats utopian to think that just because the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer that the rich will feel bad and say "oh i will give you some of my money"
mattabesta wrote:
the usa has never been socalist, not even close to it but I think that the us will move farther to the left but not over to the left like you said WeiWuWei americans are feeling the need for some things to be goverment owned praticulary heatlth care.

"falling under the povrety line" mostly due to the credit crisis wich is coming to an end and will be reversed in the next 2 years and this has to do with banking not capitalism so it's the banking system that failed us.

and yeah communism in the us is maybe for the year 5000000000

Where are you getting your figures from? Its not only the credit crises but the mortgage crises as well. People are becoming homeless, and almost any economist in America says we are not even close to the end of this ordeal.

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PostSubject: Re: The US - target of the revolution?   Tue May 27, 2008 7:30 pm

inkus2000 wrote:
Will the US ever become socialist ? I watch Fox News and I doubt it.

The people of the US have been subjected to propaganda on a daily basis for
over half a century. To adheer to the wishes of their neo liberal corporate masters is second nature at this point. The great majority of Americans are infected with an anti socialist mindset that is virtually ingrained into modern American culture.

The more I think about the more it seems likely that future revolution will be
directed against the US, considering it is the seat of corporate power, modern
neo liberal imperialism and capitalist idiology. I have no doubt some in the US will revolt but the vast majority will side with their neo liberal masters.

Which leads us to the question, can the Socialism ever succeed in a world led
by the US corporate machine - WTO? the IMF? and the military industrial complex ?

I think the US will have to be in an extreme state of financial incompitence "even more so than it is now" before the working class will meat it with an organized revolt.

the problem with the american public is that they are so dependant on media as means of developing they're political beliefs. The common view of the american public is that anyone who opposes capitalism is a terrorist. and this of course is because the media is the fourth branch of the government.

If the working class is to recognize theyre oppression then the first call against it must come from a group of people who are respected. the front of the revolution must be the proffesors and the doctors who have relized the capitalist hypocricy. and then we the youth will be waiting along with the oppressed lower class. then when the upper middle class who had leaned on the lower class fails due to the lower classes absence the upper class will follow. it will continue up this way until even the burgousie would be forced to submit.
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The US - target of the revolution?
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